Claims Management

Receive inputs from multiple external methods (web, email, phone, etc. ) and route them to the proper processing level. Add new issues to the knowledge-base for future reference, perform surveys, and generate reports to insure policy terms are met.

15 Mar 2016 - philippe.ozil

Whether you are working in the insurance industry, or you are simply dealing with customer requests, "claims management" is key for your business.

If not optimized properly, this process is costly and generates low satisfaction for your customers. The key objectives for a good process:

  • manage all requests with the same quality
  • ensure your process is compliant with your SLAs
  • add a continuous improvement cycle to your claims management

Handle your claims with a process based application designed and implemented with Bonita BPM to:

  • track tasks automatically
  • connector with your other systems (and your partners')
  • easily adapt the process to your specific needs