Recruitment and Selection

Manage the recruitment process automatically and find the perfect candidate.

15 Mar 2016 - philippe.ozil

The recruitment process costs more than it should in many organizations, mainly because:

  • finding and qualifying candidates is time consuming.
  • publishing job offers in the various media (job boards, social media, etc) is tedious.
  • collecting feedback from interviewers is not structured.
  • documenting “the paper trail” is necessary for legal requirements.

Using Bonita BPM to optimize and manage your recruitment process will gain efficiency and lower costs with:

  • automatic job offer publication, enabled by Bonita BPM connectors.
  • a structured interview process, with feedback through web forms and automatic reporting.
  • optimized process tacking, getting rid of paper-based forms.
  • automatic applicant notification and reminders, to make sure you don't miss the talent you're seeking for your organization.

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