Happy New Year 2017!

10 Ene 2017 - Mickey Farrance

Happy New Year and best wishes for a TRANSFORMATIVE 2017!

2016 was a year of transformation at Bonitasoft. Many of our accomplishments exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to 2017!

We are seeing Bonita BPM used in more and more core processes and mission critical projects around the world. Our partners, Channel team and Sales team have worked hard this year to bring Bonita BPM to new projects, and our Customer Support, Customer Success, and Services team have helped to insure that Bonita BPM 7 is driving digital transformation in more and better ways.

But they weren't alone - they were well supported by our other teams in Grenoble, Paris, San Fancisco and New York. Bonitasoft was chosen as a 2016 Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year by Best in Biz, who awarded us with a Silver status for our customer-oriented alignment across the entire company.

And our customers are awesome. For just one example, Coreso was recognized for their digital transformation, with Bonita BPM, of a critical data-gathering and reporting process to support electricity transmission services for over 40% of the European Union - they were selected as a winner of the 2016 WfMC Global Award for Excellence in Business Process Management from among 60 cases submitted!

Preparing for the start of the new year at Bonitasoft means all kinds of exciting things we plan to kick off. Our traditional, yearly Kickoff Day will be in mid-January, and we'll be planning next year's activities to meet even more lofty strategic goals.

2016 was an extraordinary year so our 2017 Kickoff is going to be an extraordinary celebration!

Wherever you are, I wish you a happy, healthy and TRANSFORMATIVE 2017! 

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