Bonita Day Paris

28 Mar 2017 - Mickey Farrance

Bonita Day in Paris in March 2017 was our best ever! (Til the next one...)

Bonita Day in Paris was a full day of Bonita BPM with customers and partners. It was a great opportunity to share experiences with the wide range of applications in different sectors built and running with Bonita BPM.

We were pleased to host discussions with customers Credit Agricole, Etat de Vaud, Thomson Video Networks – and six workshops facilitated by Bonitasoft Partners:

  • Living Applications, internationalization and advanced ergonomics by Jems Group
  • Breaking IS silos and digital transformation by PerfPartner
  • Case Management with Bonita BPM by RS2i
  • Bonita BPM and Sharepoint integration by Aprico
  • Living Application for change management, with ITIL V3 by Ker@lia
  • Collaborative and process approach (Alfresco and Docusign) by Sopra Steria

For those of you who read French, CIO-France has published a nice write-up of our customers round table discussion!

We've also got a summary video overview of the day to share:

We also hosted our second European Customer Advisory Board meeting following Bonita Day. It was, as usual, a great opportunity to review our proposed roadmap and get good feedback.

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