MWD Advisors releases report on Bonita BPM

21 Mar 2017 - Mickey Farrance

MWD Advisors recently released a report assessing the capabilities of Bonita BPM and more

MWD Advisors recently released a report assessing the capabilities of Bonita BPM as part of its ongoing series on business process application technology offerings – technology-related capabilities which support organisations wanting to design, develop, deploy, monitor and optimise partially- or wholly-automated business processes.

Some of the key points that the report's author, Neil Ward Dutton, made include:

Bonitasoft has clarified its position as a ‘low-code’ platform provider: rather than embracing ‘citizen developers’ wanting to build simple things quickly, it’s pursuing more complicated use cases being addressed by collaborating multi-disciplinary design and development teams with ‘classic’ development skills.

Bonita BPM's low-code platform offers developer teams flexibility in choosing when and where to code. Some developers prefer to code, others prefer to use the various tooling provided.

One of the biggest strengths of Bonita BPM is the extent to which teams can customise and change application behaviour layer-by-layer; ensuring a clean separation between user interface, core logic and data management/integration logic.

This is, of course, why applications built on Bonita BPM can be updated and adapted easily - the user experience can be changed and improved without the need to re-enter the business logic, for example.

UX flexibility is one of Bonita BPM’s strongest points. There’s a simple out-of-the-box process application UI, but the ability to create sophisticated custom application user experiences stands out.

We really wanted developers in teams with a variety of skills to be able to choose off-the-shelf, low-code, or completely custom UI design - or use a mix of all three for their specific user experience needs.

Bonita BPM’s ‘living applications’ concept – which enables you to change certain aspects of applications dynamically at runtime – is a significant strength of the platform.

Bonitasoft introduced Living Applications with Bonita 7 in 2015, and we have been evolving capabilities to make applications as long-lived as possible, allowing update and adaptation throughout the entire application life cycles.


The entire report is available for download from the BPM Library.

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